Selling a Business

Selling a business has a lot of stages, and a lot of pitfalls; it is stressful. Our job is to take you through the stages systematically, making sure that each stage is handled to the best possible standard.

  • Our contract. We don’t try to tie you down, our contract can be terminated by notice, the only thing we ask is that if you sell to a buyer found by us you pay our fee.
  • We will spend time¬†understanding your business, understanding where the value lies and what are the unique selling points. We will also consider the problems and how to minimise them.
  • We will write compelling marketing script (for internet advertising and approach letters)
  • We will research possible buyers and approach them on your behalf
  • We will obtain confidentiality agreements
  • We will write and distribute a superb prospectus.
  • We will chase and sell to prospects
  • We will help you negotiate with potential buyers, including screening them for corporate ethos and if they have the funds
  • We will help you structure the deal and draw up a heads of terms
  • We will help you deal with lawyers, and see the deal through to completion.

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And why not download The British Business Brokers Guide to Successfully Selling Your Business.